Families that have already retired and are looking for a better place.

There is no doubt that once you retire you have a lot of choices to make. Often times, the decision to go with one firm or another may have been made due to convenience or an existing connection such as a banking or an insurance relationship. Typically, the clients are onboarded in minutes and when the dust settles, they begin to notice that the upfront posturing and promises to deliver were just gimmicks to get you in the door. Most of our clients were introduced to us by either an existing client or a referral from one of our trusted network partners. We found that most families that we connect with are only doing so because they feel that they are not getting their money’s worth or being neglected by a traditional brokerage, insurance co or bank. Some are looking for more robust financial planning or investment management, while others are happy with their investments but feel the fees are getting out of control. We built this company based on client feedback and are proud of our capabilities. We totally believe in the concept of better and rely on client surveys to teach us where we excel and where we need to improve. We don’t have a public relations department or a large national advertising budget to overwhelm you into trusting us. All we have is our reputation and a humble desire to deliver a service driven, comprehensive planning and investment management relationship at a realistic cost. Below is a quick list of what is included in our service model.

  • Fee and expense assessment
  • Retiree Expense and Budget Review
  • 101 Education Review of Medicare, Social Security benefits and, Estate Planning
  • Income sources and longevity analysis
  • Insurance Planning. Life, Long Term Care, Disability, Medicare, Healthcare Ins, Home, Umbrella
  • Wealth Structuring based on your unique goals
  • Charitable and Philanthropic Planning
  • Beneficiary considerations
  • Future care for family members
  • Estate planning documents. (Co Consult with your attorney)
  • Tax Efficiency Planning, (Co Consult with your CPA)
  • 401K 403B IRA Investment review. (Fees and Expenses, Asset Allocation, Risk/Goal Alignment)
  • Investment Recommendations
  • Consolidation Services