There is a huge difference between a business owner and a family who owns a business. If your advisor doesn’t know this difference you need a better advisor.

Most firms market that they have a business succession/ transition planning service. We feel that if you are hiring a financial advisor for the first time and you are at the end of your businesses life cycle than you are way too late. Our service model is built to assist you in the startup, the transition and the entire journey in-between. Really, it makes little difference to bring in a financial planner at the end. In our process we create 2 financial plans. Each is created for the unique needs of the family’s short term and long-term goals and variability of the business’s goals for profitability, growth and eventual succession/sale. In my bio you will find how my family owned and operated a family business for over 60 years only, to have it all implode with my father’s illness and untimely death. Literally, I am speaking from the heart when I say that we can help you prepare for your business’s success as well as the risks for setbacks. Here are a few of the services that I can provide to my business owner clients.

  • Family Financial Planning
  • Business valuation with 3rd Party vendors.
  • Business Tax Basis Analysis and Tax liability/Proceeds post sale (Co Consult with your CPA)
  • Tax Loss Harvesting strategy for the business owners.
  • Evaluate Income sources and Sale proceeds ability to generate income analysis
  • Insurance Planning. Life, Long Term Care, Disability, Medicare, Healthcare Ins, Home, Umbrella.
  • Business Liability Insurance
  • Wealth Structuring based on your unique goals
  • Charitable and Philanthropic Planning
  • Beneficiary considerations/ family succession strategy. (Consult with CPA and Attorney)
  • Future care for family members
  • Estate planning documents. (Co Consult with your attorney)
  • Personal Tax Efficiency Planning, (Co Consult with your CPA)
  • Employee Retirement Benefits and Life Insurance,
  • Investment Recommendations and Management
  • Retiree Expense and Budget Review
  • 101 Education Review of Medicare, Social Security benefits and, Estate Planning